• Three Days to Live
  • She Made Me Do It – Season 2
  • Dying to Do Letterman
  • Ghost Inside My Child Season 2
  • Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne
  • Snapped: She Made Me Do It
  • True Life Presents: Secrets, Lies, and Sex
  • Ghost Inside My Child Season One
  • Caged is Unleashed on MTV

We believe great entertainment makes you laugh, cry, think, and come back for more. Crafting rich stories with unforgettable characters is how we do that. Whether putting the "real" in follow-docs, producing large-scale competition reality TV shows, or making award-winning documentaries, at Joke Productions our passion is creating motion pictures that move you.


  • New Joke Productions series, Three Days To Live comes to Oxygen. First quarter 2017.
  • Another new, unannounced series premieres mid-2017 from Joke Productions. Stay tuned!

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